MarketFuel is a fully-integrated digital marketing solutions provider, which combines multi-platform content marketing with the most advanced digital advertising technology. Achieve the ultimate results in strengthening your: from branding to sales.






Through professional brand assessment, planning, and creation, designers will help you create your brand identity.

• In an age where branding is everything and brands are everywhere, how will yours stand out?
• How do you differentiate yourself in the market? What are the core elements of your brand?
Imagine meticulously planned ad campaigns fulfilling your marketing goals.

BrandFuel will help you enforce a cohesive brand identity, leading to effective communication with your targeted audience and a positive brand image.

When choosing a new product or brand, 64% of customers rely on brand reputation.

80% of customers believe that brand credibility is a key factor in determining whether or not to trust the brand.

48% of customers believe that advertising has a huge influence on their selection of brands and products.

  • Brand Assessment

    After communicating with key business managers and related personnel in your company about the existing business model, marketing strategies, brand awareness, and brand assets, our brand specialists will devise a comprehensive brand assessment.

  • Brand Planning

    We define the core elements of your brand culture, reaffirm your brand positioning, and establish your brand’s communication strategy.

  • Brand Design

    This is the brand’s visual design and packaging, including, but not limited to, a logo design, the color story, relevant visual elements, and the management of cross-platform visual specifics.

  • Creative Advertising

    We design a creative ad based on a specific theme, ensuring consistency and continuity in the delivery of your new brand image in advertising.

Award-winning advertisement designs


Website builders will create a versatile multimedia website to establish your web property.

• Without effective brand communication, customers will be lost.
• Web property is an important brand asset, as it establishes your online presence.

PageFuel creates professional responsive websites that works seamlessly across different digital interfaces, this will also support responsive content that can be dynamically updated. As digital users increase exponentially, our user-friendly web products will increase your company’s consumer engagement.

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75% of customers judge the credibility of a business based on its website.


Small- and medium-sized businesses that have websites have 40% faster development than those that do not.


85% of customers prefer to purchase products and services on websites that provide more product information.

  • Versatile multimedia website based on new technologies

    of people search for websites with responsive designs.

    of people use phones to help them shop. 

    The upgraded version will include additional features that will help your website stand out, such as online shopping services, an onsite search engine, social network integrations, and multi-languages availability.

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  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    of users only click on search results and not advertisements.

    of purchases begin with web searches.

    Our SEM experts give you professional, customized SEM proposals that optimize your website structure. We research related keywords, recommend key content topics, and provide professional support for your website’s future operations.

  • Existing website assessment

    We use professional tools to perform an initial assessment of your existing website and use the information gathered to compile a comprehensive report. This report will include a basic description of your website’s general score, its performance on business information platforms and search engines, your online reputation, and more.

  • Web listings on business information platforms


For multi-platform digital advertising, content marketing, and social media solutions, we are your integrated digital marketing team. Our expertise is to help your business reach the right audience, with the right message, through the right channel, at the right time!


74% of people use phones to help with their shopping.


71% of potential clients of businesses come from content marketing.


45% of businesses draw customers through content marketing.


Totally integrated digital advertising

Customized marketing research, and in-depth communication with clients, allows us to provide you with custom media plans that crush your marketing goals.
Our approach is holistic. We help you build up your marketing funnel, phase-by-phase, from awareness to conversion.

  • Media Strategy

    In-depth communication with your team allows us to provide you with custom media plans that crush your marketing goals.

  • Audience Optimization

    Utilizing 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, we create custom audience sets based on demographics, interests and behaviors. We then use artificial intelligence and look-a-like modeling to expand the audience list further.

  • Display

    Discover your true target audience(s) with display ad campaigns. Then re-market to them across all devices to generate conversions.

  • Native

    We present your brand’s message using engaging editorial content. To increase its impact, we deliver the content across multiple formats and devices.

  • Powerful Video

    Instream, outstream and social media video increases engagement with your target customers and creates powerful brand recall.

  • Search

    We use in-depth keyword research and planning, including using long tail keyword tactics, target specific audience segments and typically perform better than ordinary search ads.

  • Social Distribution

    Our huge social media fan base (80+ Million highly engaged fans) allows us to target specific audiences using only a limited budget.

  • Programmatic

    Our Programmatic Ad Platform enables clients to purchase programmatic inventory across all of our properties.

  • Extension & Scalability

    Extend your programmatic reach and target a specific audience at scale, no matter where on the internet they happen to be.

  • Dynamic Retargeting

    An innovative technology that can continually engage potential customers throughout the purchasing journey by sending them dynamic, personalized ads based on their behavior.

Professional Content Marketing

Unparalleled content marketing experts
Our team is dedicated to creating original, updateable and high-quality content for our clients. This content establishes in-depth communication with potential customers, increases brand recognition and user favorability, and ultimately accomplishes the goal of increasing sales.

  • Content Published by a Comprehensive Media Platform

    Our professional editorial team creates high-quality content for businesses. These include comprehensive business reports, feature stories, product and service introductions, business blogs, social media content, and interactive content specific to the mobile-platform. We tailor the message to fit the different platforms for maximum exposure and engagement.

  • Social Media Content Marketing

    Our Social Media team specializes in platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, are expert content creators and content promoters, and have produced hundreds of videos that have generated over 1 Million total views.


Analysts use cloud data to track users, analyze marketing effectiveness, and decipher user behavior.

• Professionally analyze, digitally interpret user behavior
Diverse, multi-dimensional live tracking technology

CloudFuel provides professional care for your every marketing initiative, making every marketing clue trackable and providing for clients professional advice in ad delivery, search marketing, content marketing, and social marketing.
CloudFuel data analysis reports include:

• Integrated advertising performance report
• Integrated platform content marketing performance report
• Social media user behavior analysis
• Trending internet keywords/topics and insights

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